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Welcome to St Patrick’s Catholic School

The mission of our school is:

Our children will leave our school continuing to be faithful, responsible and life long learners

This mission is the focus for the curriculum and activities within our school.

St Patrick's is a Catholic Integrated School, catering for boys and girls from Year 1 to year 8. The focus of our school in both its faith and education programmes is to promote the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. These values are expressed through the scriptures, practices and doctrine of the church.

"Students experience a curriculum that aligns to The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) through an integrated approach to curriculum delivery. The school’s special character and vision are made visible. Students' confidence in their language, culture and identities are actively promoted. Te reo me ngā tikanga Māori are evident and embraced through the school’s curriculum.

Teachers work collaboratively to plan, design learning tasks and activities, assess and evaluate. They demonstrate sound understanding of NZC expectations and progressions for learning. A next step is to identify and consistently implement agreed effective teaching practices, particularly those that impact positively on outcomes for target students.

Students learn in a supportive environment. They work well with their peers demonstrating the competencies and shared values of the school and community. In classrooms:
 high levels of engagement and participation are evident
 respectful, learning-centred relationships and students' contributions are valued
 students work collaboratively, with a clear focus on developing self-management skills and independence
 organisation and differentiation of tasks supports purposeful teaching and learning in multi-level classrooms.
The new appraisal system implemented in 2016 requires further development, including:
 more regular, focused observations of practice using agreed indicators
 developing understandings of appropriate and sufficient evidence to demonstrate that each of the Practicing Teacher Criteria are met annually
 aligning professional development opportunities and guidance to appraisal goals and teaching as inquiry."  

Source St Patrick's Catholic School Education Review Office Report 2016. Read the full report in our information section above.

This website is designed to help you to become familiar with the general routines and everyday life of our school.  If you require any further information, please contact us.

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